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About us

The Studio

Our Vision
There is nothing more enjoyable for us than being able to find solutions for our employers problems.


Our Mission

In the Tab Design , we listen to your wishes. we accompany and help you so that we can understand your real need and give the right solution according to it.

The History

Our story

Hamed Naji has a bachelor's degree in architecture from Tabriz University and a master's degree in landscape architecture from Shahid Beheshti University. From the beginning of his education, he was eager to learn and experience practical work, and he spent three years working and training in top-tier architecture offices in Tabriz and Tehran.

Hamed's activity record of the past few years includes various projects such as residential, office and commercial apartment design, residential interior design, residence design, villa renovation and design, as well as several residential and interior design projects. His specialty is finding the basic needs of architectural design projects and providing the most optimal and suitable solutions.

His interest is improving the architecture of cities and creating a sense of satisfaction in the users of the spaces. His line of thought and design is in accordance with the principles of contemporary architecture, and he is continuously improving his knowledge in the field of design and construction.

Our Philosophy

Core Values

In the Tab Design, we listen to your wishes. We accompany you and help you so that we can understand your real need and give the right solution according to it. There is nothing more enjoyable for us than being able to talk with our employers about problems and basic needs and find solutions. We deeply believe in constructive communication with business owners. Our professional path is based on interaction with the employer, for better understanding and providing a more logical solution.

Together we represent our company with strong moral standards, embodying our principles of truth, honour, trust and reliability. We conduct ourselves in the best possible manner so that our company reflects our own good character.

Our company act as one. We work together as a team to achieve our company objectives. We cooperate and collaborate with all parties engaged with our projects in order to achieve excellence in the results of our activities.

We recognise that we are the custodians of our environment. We will leave our towns, cities and countryside better than we received them, for society and the natural world. We carry out our activities with the greatest respect for people and wildlife, minimise the use of resources and impact of development, and work to create social capital in all that we do.

Continuous use of imagination both in problem solving, and artistic expression; with drawing, painting, sculpture…and practical study of the sister arts, adding to the richness of their solutions

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