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Recent Projects

The experience of our architectural projects covers a wide range of interior architecture design, facade design, villa architecture in different uses with more than 4755 square meters.

Slope Villa Design

Creative ideas to solve the challenges of villa design and creating a simple and modern space in the heart of natural sloping land...

Savalanche Residential Apartment

An attempt to provide a different option to meet the needs of The project will become a model for apartments with sloping roofs on the upper floors

In-Line Interior Design

Using contemporary design language and defining the functions and unique identity...

Edge Interior Design

Coordinating the whole space with lines, color contrast and materials to create more readability...

About Us Resume&CV

Hamed Naji has a bachelor's degree in architecture from Tabriz University and a master's degree in landscape architecture from Shahid Beheshti University. From the beginning of his education, he was eager to learn and experience practical work, and he spent three years working and training in top-tier architecture offices in Tabriz and Tehran. Hamed's activity record of the past few years includes various projects such as architecture, renovation, interior design and implementation of several residential, office and commercial apartment projects, residences, and villas. His specialty is finding the basic needs of architectural design projects and providing the most optimal and suitable solutions. His interest is improving the architecture of cities and creating a sense of satisfaction in the users of the spaces. His line of thought and design is in accordance with the principles of contemporary architecture and he is continuously improving his knowledge in the field of design and construction.

Design For Better Living

In Tabdesign Studio, we listen to your wishes. We accompany you and find the right solution accordingly.


The lifestyles of our contemporary world require spaces that are in complete harmony with the spirit and function of this type of living. Our main expertise is providing contemporary and different design solutions for anyone who wants to be in perfect harmony with the times.

Interior spaces according to your needs and modern life

We revive the spirit of your building

Luxurious villas, according to the environment and in harmony with your wishes

We create peace and sense of nature for you

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